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A Fan Fiction

Calling All Angels

This is a one shot “Pay It Forward” fan fiction.
I own nothing, except my dream I had for a sequel.


I wish Mom would stop crying. She is curled up in a fetal position on our bathroom floor screaming her lungs out. Mr. Simonet (Eugene) keeps rocking her in his arms. Yet, she continues to scream and cry.

“Why, why, why Trevor?” What the hell did he do wrong. Nothing, he didn’t deserve this, Eugene. He just didn’t!”

“I know sweetheart, I know! Sushhhhh, take it easy. Let me get you some of that Zannzx the Dr. gave you. I’m going to get you a glass of water.”

She sighed so heavily as he got up to go get the water that I thought all the air was gone from her lungs. She wrapped her arms around herself and whimpered my name over and over.

I knelt beside her. “Mom, I’m ok. I’m right here. Why can’t you see me?”
She kept on rocking herself and crying.

I reach out to touch her face, but my hand goes right through her.

“Huh?” I say to myself. I try to touch her again, and nothing, No contact.
I realize what is going on now. I am dead. And I must be some kind of angel or something.

“Mom, try. Just please try. Can you hear me Mom? Oh, Mom I love you, And I’m ok. It’s hard I know that, but just please try, please!”

I lean in and try to kiss her cheek. I feel myself fading away. She looks up right into my eyes, as if she sees me.

“Trevor, sweetie. Is that you?”

The End
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